My name is Aaron Dornez. I’m a technical 3D artist, what I do involves modeling, lighting & texturing, scripting, rigging and motion graphics. I have a broad knowledge of the complete VFX-pipeline, from pre- to post-production, however my focus is on 3D.

I am very passionate about what I do and I’m eager to keep learning and improving. Besides my 3D work I have some other passions: I am an enthusiastic volleyball player/trainer and a music fanatic.

Feel free to explore my projects and have a look at my CV below for more info.

3DS Max

 Modeling & Concepting | Unwrapping & Texturing | Lighting & Rendering


 Motion Graphics | Simulations | Python Scripting

Substance Painter

 Texturing | Baking

Premiere Pro



                                    All uses                                           (3D, Illustration, photo editing, ...)


 Sculpting | Polypaint

Substance Designer

 Procedural Texturing

Fusion 8

Compositing | Post production


 Lighting & Rendering | Texturing | Rigging | Python Scripting

Unreal Engine 4

 Realtime scene visualisation

After Effects

 Motion Graphics | Visual Effects